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This toggle is all css based so you can change the colors of the bars, the background, the text etc. You can add in this area what ever you like.

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You can add any contact information. To Make a telephone call use this script and link to the phone number.

wtai://wp/mc;55512345678 Try it below but it is not a real phone number but it will trigger your phone.

OUR ISLAND RADIO contact address

105 Poppleton Road,
E11 1LS.

Tap to call: 07837569319

How To Use

To replace the header graphic just create a new one 350px x 120px and save into images over the current one which is head.jpg. You can add text where you like and change the headings in any web editor.

Please Note: Just make sure when adding text to do a hard carriage return for spacing etc.

This means use your shift key and enter

You can then use all the normal features such as bold italics etc to format your text.

It will look a bit rough as a template in your editor because of the autosize but will auto adjust to fit any phone size and look great live.


You can easily add graphics and adjust the sizes to fit any phone. Make your images small by optimizing and usually no larger than 350px.

This is not for ipads just all the different types of mobile phones. To learn how to adjust the graphics be sure to come and visit us at Mobile Business Website


Watch the Video on m.Youtube

You need to load this site into your mobile to watch the video and it will trigger your Youtube app.

Use a QR Code scanner on Your Smartphone to access this on your phone.

To watch it at Youtube Click Here


You can create new tabs by just copying and pasting this one and renaming. You can add as many as you want just remember that too much will slow the whole process so be frugal and just provide good basic information.

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This product is delivered as is and all images and text are copyright to the owner.

You may give it away and change it any way you want for yourself or your customer and charge for any modification however there is no support unless you purchase the Business Mobile Website Package.

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